Great Discounts with Careem when using your Emirates NBD Credit Card


Dear Emirates NBD Customer,

Use your Emirates NBD Credit Card when booking through your Careem application and benefit from 15% off of the total price of each trip, up to a maximum value of SAR 20 on the total price of such trip.

The terms and conditions below apply:

  • You must use a valid and activated Emirates NBD KSA Credit Card.
  • Maximum value of discount is SAR 20 or equivalent for each trip and is valid for the first 5 rides per month.
  • Foreign exchange rates may vary from time to time.
  • Offer is valid till 24/10/2017.
  • Emirates NBD is not liable for any service inconvenience provided by Careem.
  • Use Promo codes as follows:
    • Saudi Arabia: ENBDKSA
    • Morocco : ENBDMOR
    • Lebanon:  ENBDLEB
    • Jordan:  ENBDJOR
    • Bahrain: ENBDBAH
    • Kuwait: ENBDKWI
    • Turkey: ENBDTKY
    • Pakistan: ENBDPAK
    • Egypt: ENBDEGY

Apply online

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