Mobile Banking

The Mobile Banking Application from Emirates NBD is created to offer you fast, convenient and useful on-the-go banking services. With the Emirates NBD secure Mobile Banking Application, you can experience a host of features and benefits.

  • Customize your application with various widgets.
  • Customization of the favorite accounts, favorite credit cards and even favorite transactions.
  • You can upload your profile picture.
  • Add/Delete new beneficiary.
  • Latest Marketing promotions.
  • Apply for new credit card or loan products.
  • Financial graphs to view account and credit card financial summary.

Emirates NBD mobile is an extension of the Emirates NBD internet banking. Because the service through the Mobile is a part of Emirates NBD services, it will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Emirates NBD Agreement and supplements already accepted by you (if any) and will also include the additional following terms and conditions:

  • Emirates NBD shall not be liable to the customer for any delay of information through the Mobile or interruption or inaccuracy of information which may lead to making investment losses or other possible losses
  • The responsibility of protecting the username and the password used to access Internet Banking of Emirates NBD is entirely the responsibility of the Customer. Emirates NBD shall not be responsible for the spread of any information recorded on Customer's mobile
  • The customer shall undertake to cancel his former registration and close his site so that he can re-access by opting a registration method through the Internet
  • Circumstances beyond Emirates NBD control may sometimes lead to interruption of service during use or lack of ability to sign-in, resulting in non-acceptance of customer transactions, or inquiries about any information that may be important at a given time leading consequently to paper or real losses such as lost opportunities or non-payment of bills on time. As a result of these circumstances, Emirates NBD declares non-responsibility for all the above and releases itself from any responsibility or obligation to any party as a result of that
  • The responsibility of availing and operating the Mobile Internet Service (GPRS) is the Customer's responsibility. The Customer is aware that this service may not be available in all regions, times and levels. Emirates NBD shall not be liable for the interruption or lack of this service. Emirates NBD is not the concerned authority and it does not see itself as a related party with respect to claims or compensations and release itself from material or moral, direct or indirect obligations that may arise between the Customer and any other related party or contractual relation related to obtaining telecommunication or internet services or any other services
  • The fees of Internet through the mobile which are part of the bill of the Customer's Mobile or other Internet subscriptions, such as wireless communications available in certain locations are entirely the responsibility of the customer. Emirates NBD will not pay the cost of any Customer's communication to any area regardless of the method used by the Customer, be it Mobile, Internet or Phone
  • Emirates NBD shall not be responsible for any violation to the communication systems that lead to a loss or pilfering of information or the implementation of transfer transactions or settlements contrary to the wish of the Customer. Emirates NBD shall not also be responsible for pursuing the violators. The Customer shall be fully responsible for communicating with concerned parties and for pursuing violators and claims

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