Reporting a Violation

For Whistleblowing reporting you can fill out the form in this page, or through the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +966 11 4185981

Reporting a Violation


Reporting a Violation

In order to ensure that the Bank is exercising it objectives in line with the best banking practices through creating a work environment that promotes integrity, honesty, combatting corruption, unlawful conduct, unethical or unprofessional behavior, the Bank has provided this channel to receive reports and ensures confidentiality through all stages of investigation. The Bank shall make every effort to address incoming reports which are under the channel’s scope as soon as possible and protect the reporter from any retaliatory action as a result of making the report.

As part of your essential compliance responsibility, you must report any SAMA related breaches. Failing to do so may lead to financial penalties or reputational damage to the Bank. Therefore, It is vital to notify the Compliance Department of any SAMA related breaches, whether self-identified or brought to the business units attention via SAMA, Internal Audit or any other method.

Cases of whistleblowing:

Financial institutions should urge their employees and stakeholders to report what may guide them to correct error, action, detect irregularities or promote values, and report may be on the following activities:

  • Financial and administrative corruption, represented by any illegal exploitation of financial resources or administrative organization in the Bank.
  • Violation of the laws, regulations, instructions and policies to be followed in accordance with the scope of work of the Bank.
  • Violations related to the environment, health and safety in the workplace, which include any negative behavior that may harm the environment or the workplace or threaten the safety of any human being.
  • Inappropriate behavior contrary to public order, Islamic morals, customs and traditions.
  • Misuse of the property or assets of the financial institution.
  • Abuse of power or decision-making that may be against the interest of the Bank by the employees of the Bank.
  • Passing irregular operations for the Bank's business, circumventing regulations, or covering up systemic errors.
  • When there is a conflict of interest in any of the business or contracts carried out by the Bank.
  • When the powers granted by the Bank to its employees are misused, such as the exchange of secret numbers and others.
  • Obtaining undue benefits or rewards.
  • Disclosure of confidential information in an irregular manner.
  • Concealment in bad faith, intentional negligence, destruction of official documents or concealment of fraudulent financial reports.

It is the responsibility of all Emirates NBD employees to carry out high ethical standards of honesty and integrity. This will only strengthen the bank’s relationship with its customers and consequently its reputation.

We would also like to emphasize the following:

  • This page is intended only for reporting allegations of wrongdoing. If you wish to submit a complaint about products or services, please visit the Register a Complaint page.
  • All reports of allegations of wrongdoing are held in the strictest confidence and are viewed only by authorized bank personnel.
  • A whistleblower must be credible, must act in good faith, and should avoid any unproven rumors or allegations.