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We understand that providing services for trusts, companies and other structures is a long-term commitment that may last for decades. We have the expertise and capability to provide this long-term administration to support your family. There are several key benefits of a trust structure:

Your Family

To help safeguard what matters the most to you, trust a bank that has your best interests at heart.

Private Trusts

Trusts and Sharia’a compliant Trusts can play an important role in the wealth protection and management for individuals and families, particularly in family estate and succession planning control, to also include asset management protection and confidentiality.


A variety of foundation structures are being implemented in both DIFC and ADGM to hold real estate, trading companies, and investments. We can help clients establish their UAE foundations which can assist with asset protection, and privacy.

Asset holding companies

Potential uses for Asset holding companies may include assets such as art, jewellery, aircraft, yachts, intellectual property, and image rights.


Succession planning

We work with you to deliver a plan that will ensure the smooth succession of your global assets, whether that is for family succession, a charitable legacy or business continuity reasons.

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