Summer credit card

Open your account for a chance to win SAR 1 Million and other prizes

Terms and Conditions:

  • This campaign is applicable for All Branch of Emirates NBD Bank - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “ENBD KSA” customers that will participate automatically with one chance to enter the draw.
  • It is not necessary for existing customers to obtain any services to participate in the campaign.
  • This offer is valid for all ENBD KSA existing and new customers.
  • Campaign Period:
    • The campaign starts on the 4th of July till 31st of August 2024.
  • Eligibility criteria for the Millionaire Draw (the “Millionaire”)
    • The campaign is open only to Branch of ENBD KSA individual customers.
    • The following customers are excluded from participating in the Millionaire Draw:
  • Customers accounts that have been dormant, unclaimed, abandoned, or blocked for any reason.
  • Customers whose account(s) are delinquent.
  • Customers whose account(s) are involved in fraud or suspicious transactions.
  • Customers who have been declared bankrupt or have any petition(s) for bankruptcy filed against them or execution order or judicial seizure or garnishments or have any outstanding judgment or any legal proceeding against them.
  • ENBD KSA employees
    • Pursuant to this T&C, ENBD KSA reserves the right to include or exclude any account for the prize draw.
  • Millionaire Draw Entry Criteria
    • To participate in the Millionaire Draw during the Campaign, the customer must fulfil any of the banking activities and transactions as listed below:
    • Current Account

    • Criteria Chances
      New / Existing Customers
      Every SAR 10,000 in monthly average balance growth aggregated across all Current Accounts (Growth over previous month’s monthly average balance) 5

      *The chances will be calculated based on growth in average balance during the month.

    • Saving Account

    • Criteria Chances
      New / Existing Customers
      Every SAR 10,000 in monthly average balance aggregated across all Saving Accounts for each campaign month (Growth over previous month’s monthly average balance) 2

      *The chances will be calculated based on growth in average balance during the month.

      • Monthly average balance will be calculated each month during the campaign and chances would be aggregated at the end of the campaign.
      • In each campaign month, the sum of growth in average balance for all Current and Saving Accounts held by the customer should be positive in order to earn chances on Current and Saving balances in each campaign month.
      • Refer here to an example on how to increase your chances at wining
    • Prizes
    • The prizes for this campaign as follow:
    • Prize Money # Of Prizes
      SAR 1,000,000 1
      SAR 100,000 2
      SAR 10,000 10
      SAR 1,000 25
      SAR 500 500
      Total Winners 538
    • Prizes Draw
      • The prizes draw will be conducted after 10 business days following the end of campaign.
      • The prizes will be distributed as follows:
        • The first winner will receive SAR 1,000,000
        • The next 2 winners will receive SAR 100,000
        • The next 10 winners will receive SAR 10,000
        • The next 25 winners will receive SAR 1,000
        • The next 500 winners will receive SAR 500
      • The winners will be announced immediately after the draw, and the prize money will be credited to the customer’s account within a maximum period of 10 business days from the date of announcing the winners.
      • To achieve transparency and credibility, the name and mobile number of the participant will be shared with the Chamber of Commerce to conduct the draw and select the winners.
      • The customer accepts sharing their data with the Chamber of Commerce.
      • The draw will take place under the supervision of the concerned authority by the Chamber of Commerce.
      • Each participant is eligible to win one prize only (The condition of one prize only for each winner applies across all ENBD KSA campaigns during the campaign period).
      • If a winner declines to accept the prize for any reason, it is at the discretion of ENBD KSA to choose to redraw a replacement winner.
      • The winner is solely responsible for any applicable taxes or costs on prize, if any.
  • General Conditions:
    • Winners shall be contacted by ENBD KSA representative on a best effort basis onthe registered mobile number with ENBD KSA at any time during ENBD KSA’s working hours. If the winner is not reachable after several attempts for any reason whatsoever, the winner is deemed to have missed the winning chance and ENBD KSA shall have absolute right to withdraw the prize and another re-draw will take place.
    • In case of discrepancies between the Arabic & English version, the Arabic text shall prevail.
    • ENBD KSA has the right to terminate this campaign or amend any terms or conditions at any time without prior notice to the participants. This includes amending the rules regarding eligibility, campaign dates and any of the mentioned conditions.
    • The customers accept sharing their data with the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Winners accept to participate in the media activity accompanied with the announcement of the winners’ event.  
    • ENBD KSA will announce the names and photos of the winners through the Bank's social media upon acceptance of the prize and agree to participate in the media activity accompanying the announcement of the prize winners.
    • The General Account Opening terms and conditions for Branch of Emirates NBD -Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall apply.

    Chamber of commerce license: 8700943

If you do not wish to participate in this campaign, please click here to opt out.

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